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After a long rest

Week 18 - Monday

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I felt much better today. This was another high intensity long workout.

Warm up
400 free
6x50 catchup drill
5x100 with snorkel, 50 kick, 50 swim

Main set
10x300 pull with paddles on 3.30
8x100 kick with flippers on 1.20
10x50 with flippers on 30

Warm down
100 easy

Total 5600

I felt strong on the 300s until 9 and 10 but held 1.03 pace per 100 throughout. The 10x50s were really tough. I had lactic burn after #2 and struggled to hit the mark on #5. I took a minute rest and then finished out the remaining 5. I was pleased with this workout. I also did the Vesa swim bench for 15 minutes after practice and added an extra band for resistance.

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