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After a long rest

Week 18 - Monday Part2

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I arrived about 15 minutes early for the pm masters workout, so did my warmup in the public lanes. This was another longer workout and the 10800yds for the day is the most i have done in one day since I got back in the pool.

400 free
6x50 drill

Main set
500 on 5.25
400 on 4.30
300 on 3.30
200 on 2.20
100 on 1 minute
200 on 2.20
300 on 3.30
400 on 4.30
500 on 5.50
200 easy

Second set
5x100 kick on 1.45
1000 swim with snorkel holding 1.10 pace(no looking at the clock)

Total 5300

I held 1.03 pace again and made the 100 on a minute. The climb back up the ladder was much tougher. I was in the narrow lane by the trough and on a couple turns on the last 500 put my foot in the steps and had a couple of bad push offs. I ended up falling apart stroke wise and missed the last 500. At the end I was very close to throwing up, but held it together. I went fairly easy the rest of the way and actually felt good again on the 1000. This was a really long yardage day and I am really tired.

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