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Tuesday 02052013

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by , February 5th, 2013 at 04:32 PM (23 Views)
went up to Mesa-Kino for the AM masters swim workout

was there early!!!
got in 300 w/u

4 x 100 @ 2:00--
#1: last 25 fast
#2: first 25 fast
#3: build middle 50
#4: build the whole thing

4 x 25 kick @ :30 (did flutter on my back w/fins)

4 x 50 @ 1:10 (I can't remember the specifics)

4 x 25 kick @ :35 (did dolphin on my back w/fins)

4 x 25 @ :40, done as:
-- 1/2 easy, 1/2 fast
--1/2 fast, 1/2 easy
--all easy
--all fast

3 min of whatever you need to get ready to go FAST
(I did an easy 200 swim)

main set: 10 x 50 @ 3:00, in waves a minute apart, off the blocks
--I did an easy 50 after each

broke them down into:
2 free (28ish)
2 breast (37-38)
2 free (29ish)
2 breast (think I got my fastest workout 50 br, 36.9)
2 free (took off my drag suit, last was 28.1)

warm down:
200 easy social kick, used fins + board
200 swim

TTL: 2800 yards

I started out feeling really sore. maybe still some lingering stuff from Sunday's spin. not necessarily a ton for me, but more than I had been doing lately, plus with another guy...I'm sure I pushed things more than normal.

anyway, speaking of pushing, there was a gal in the next lane (a coach, but not Laura), who was going from a push, so of course my goal was to out touch her...not an easy feat, she's fast. I think I let her by once on free.

I was tempted to take off the drag suit earlier...but resisted the urge. breaststroke is usually much tougher with it on, but evidently not so much today. I think my 36.9 isn't too far off from what I've done at a meet...certainly not wearing a dragsuit.

got home, got my work computer booted up and went through my initial morning emails, then snuck out for a spin on my bike:
Ahwatukee hill loop 45.04 mi 02:27 18.4mph pace

just a recovery-ish spin over to Ahwatukee, with a clockwise hill loop. had a little headwind on my way back, but not too bad. nice and sunny, temps in the 60s

my legs felt really beat up when I started. between Sunday, and this morning's sprint swim. it is a bit easier having half a day between activities. but I tried to just make the most of it.

the weather was really fantastic though
I wore a base layer long-sleeved shirt under my jersey. while I was moving I was fine. but while stopped, especially in the sun, I was starting to feel a little warm.

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