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David W Cochran

Tuesday, Feb 5 - A Berry Tuesday

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Roger's wife, Pam, made some blueberry muffins and brought them to the pool this morning. They were great - Thank you, Pam.

Swam with Keith today and Ray joined us about 1/2 through. Then I finished on my own. Did a ladder, which I don't particularly like, but which I think is a good speed/endurance set. Did a little IM work. I was also happy with my back stroke - was doing <1:25 100's with no paddles. So, my biggest improvement lately has been backstroke.

3x100 on 1:30
Ladder 50 up to 300/300 down to 50 - 50 increments/:45 per 50 (did an extra 100 on 2nd 300 - my mind was elswhere)
100 Back
5x100 Back on 1:45 (<1:25's)
100 Free
4x100 25 stroke/75 free (Fly/Back/Breast/Fly) on 1:45
4x75 sliding IM on 1:30
100 Free/Breast
4x75 sliding IM on 1:30
2x200 Kick
2x200 Back w/paddles on 3:15 (2:50's)
200 Free w/paddles (2:45)
4x50 Back w/paddles on :45
100 Free

5600 yards
110 minutes

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  1. mcnair's Avatar
    Muffins AND 5k+ of swimming: sounds like the best day ever!