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After a long rest

Week 18 - Wednesday AM

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Another long one today. This is becoming a trend. I am fighting either allergies or a head cold, either way I am congested. I am also struggling to sleep which adds more tiredness to the equation. With all that said today was a good workout.

400 free
6x50 drill free(3x50 catchup, 3x50 finger drag) on 45
400 free with snorkel
2x400 IM on 6 mins swum, kick, swim, drill, swim

Main set
4x(3x100 free on 1.10, 3x100 IM on 1.20)
10x50 snorkel concentrating on catch and pull on 40

Warm down
400 easy

Total 5200

I held all the times on the main set. Free ranged from 1.05-1.07 and the IMs were mainly 1.15s. I also did 15 minutes on the swim bench and did 5 sets of 20 pulls, and I added two bands of resistance for good measure.

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