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I swim, therefore I am

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

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by , February 6th, 2013 at 05:27 PM (472 Views)
SCY@FGCU Aquatics Center
Air temp of 70, pool at 79, 100% water clarity.
Sunny skies with humidity at 62%

Warm up
200 FR DPS
300 FR as 50k w/scull/50 Swim, w/snorkel
200 BK as 50 DA/25 smooth, 25 Fast
3x50 on :50 desc 1-3

*Set 1*
10x100 FR as 2(5x100 on 1:10/1:15/1:15/1:20/1:30) desc 1-5,6-10

  • 1:08-1:07-1:06-1:06-1:05-1:06-1:06-1:05-1:04-1:04

300 EZ BK as 25DA, 25 Swim DPS

*Set 2*
5x200 FR on 2:50, negative split (did open turn, leave on 1:10)

  1. 1:08, 1:07; 2:15
  2. 1:08, 1:07; 2:15
  3. 1:07, 1:06, 2:13
  4. 1:06, 1:05, 2:11
  5. 1:06, 1:04, 2:10

300 EZ BR as 25K/bk, 25 Swim DPS

*Set 3*
10x100 FR on 1:40 w/fins, desc 1-5,4-6

  • 59-58-58-57-56,58-58-57-57-56

300 EZ FLY as 4(25DK/bk, 25/RA, 25LA, 25 Swim)

*Set 4*
5x200 FR on 3:00, even split (just swam them) w/snorkel/agility paddles

  • 2:14, 2:12, 2:12, 2:10, 2:09

300 EZ BK/BR as 25BK/25BR

*Set 5*
20x50 as 4(5x50 on 40/45/50/40, w/snorkel

  • 33-33-33-32-32*32-32-32-32-32*32-31-31-31-31*31-31-32-33-31

Warm down

Base pace work on variable intervals, needed higher interval to do free w/fins, 200 frees are improving, one FR set with agility paddles.

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  1. StewartACarroll's Avatar
    Looks like you not only negative split on set2 but also descended. These are my favorites. You did an awesome job.

    Normally I look at the blogs on my ipad, but today I am on my work computer(and assume this is a windows ism) and its funny how next to your set5 50 times it displays what appears to be two german telephone numbers.

    Keep up the great work Frank.
  2. fdtotten's Avatar
    Thank you! Maybe the similarity to the german tel numbers is from using the * symbol as a separator.

    The focus on descending times and negative splits is an agreement between me and coach Chuck who is facilitating my preparation for the USMS 5K OW Champions at Lake Mira Mar this April and the 800 Meter Swim along with the 2.4 Mile OW swim at the FINA Masters Pan Pacific meet in June at Sarasota, FL.

    Early 2012 when I started actual training compared to lap swimming I had a good, but slow aerobic base, so when I tried to swim even a little faster, my stroke would flail. Since then the focus was to gradually build through every swim, descend every set, leading to negative swims as I got stronger. Eventually I started doing some speed sets, which took a while to adjust to physically as well as to reduce more of some disruptive stroke flaws. All that has come together in the last three months or so. I am just hanging in there on some days between being really sore and recovering. Always making adjustments to the program daily. So far all is OK, and I am glad to be where I am at, for the time being.
  3. StewartACarroll's Avatar
    I never really swam any open water races outside of the odd race during training camps where my college coaches made the whole team participate. At the time we just swam through these. I am curious whether you do a similar taper for big ow meets like one would do in the pool. Also it looks like you have really built up your yardage. Your 800m should be awesome based on your mix of yardage and quality work. Exciting stuff.

    I decided to miss the Sarasota meet and long course nationals in 2013 and focus initially on being competitive short course. I plan on working on a program for worlds next year.