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I swim, therefore I am

Thursday, February 7, 2013

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by , February 7th, 2013 at 05:17 PM (1129 Views)
SCY@Fort Myers Aquatic Center
Air temp of 73, pool at 82, 100% water clarity.
Sunny blue skies with humidity at 65%

Warm up
400 RIMO
800 IM swim as 4x200 IMO, 25DR/25S

*Set 1*
400 DK as 50 DK/bd,50DK/bk
4x200 Fly on :30 rest, as 4(25DK/wScull,25 Swim) w/snorkel, fins, Desc 1-4

200 EZ DPS as 100BK/100FR

*Set 2*
8x50 BK Kick on 1:10, 12 SDK
6x100 BK Swim on 1:40, as 4(25 Smooth, 25 Strong), w/Agility Paddles

100 FR DPS

*Set 3*
400 BR Kick as 50w/bd, 50/bk
300 BR as 4(25K, 50 Swim) with snorkel, desc by 75, 1-4
4x50 BR on :20 rest, as 25/DPS, 25 build to FAST

200 Fly as 25DK, 25 DPS Swim

*Set 4*
400 FR swim as 4(50 Smooth, 50 Strong) w/Snorkel, Agility Paddles
400 FR swim as 4(50 Smooth, 50 FAST) w/Snorkel

*Set 5*
2x25 FR on 1:00; did 13, 12
2x50 FR on 3:00; did 26, 26

Warm down
400 BK/FR by 50 DPS ABPT

Mostly moderate swimming with 300 yards of speed at the end; still a bit sore/tired from yesterday workout and hot water pretty much unmotivated me; all the strokes feel stronger & better than ever...but I will need feed back from others on that; Set 5, a 12.3/25FR, and 26.6/50FR, from push-offs are my best FR times in 10 years. Slowly I am making progress.

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  1. pwb's Avatar
    a 12.3/25FR, and 26.6/50FR, from push-offs are my best FR times in 10 years. Slowly I am making progress.
    Nicely done.

    What is ABPT?
  2. fdtotten's Avatar

    ABPT = As Best Possible Technique

    I wanted a technical stroke focus similar in concept to AFAP aka As Fast As Possible.
  3. The Fortress's Avatar
    Nice job on the PRs!

    How long have you been a masters swimmer?
  4. fdtotten's Avatar
    Now that you asked, I will share perhaps more than necessary...

    First of all, my history as a younger competitive swimmer was always part-time seasonal, beginning from scratch in high school eventually qualifying at NJ Champs in the 100 Fly, on through two years of college walk-on swimming. It was a big jump from a very small time NJ high school program to a Div I team with double sessions, weights, the works...and water polo as well. I had to make a hard choice giving up college swimming the last two years being overwhelmed with double major and RA responsibilities.

    Started participating in masters swimming (SF Bay Area) in 1981 after college graduation onwards to a lesser extent through 1990s. Mostly OW swims, some occasional Pacific Masters Swimming meets. For about five years in the 1980s, myself and two friends did the relay at the Wildflower Triathlon in Kings Lake, CA. While that was fun, I did not desire to train or compete in triathlons myself. For the most part I would lap swim daily as possible, if there was one hour available, I swam one hour continuously, etc.

    In addition, around my regular jobs, I acquired the various certifications doing part-time coaching and teaching swimming over the years for Summer Swim League clubs, USA swim clubs, High School Swimming/Water Polo and Masters teams. Eventually I was part of the staff that created the University of San Francisco adult masters swimming program at the Koret Center. From there I was approached by The Olympic Club to assist with their competitive aquatics programs including Masters Swimming, Open Water Swimming, Water Polo, along with special programs like the Trans Tahoe Relay Swim.

    In that way during the 1990s, while I swam less for myself, I gained a lot of experience with high levels of preparation and competition in those areas. While I have not personally competed in a USMS Nationals, I have been to many of them during those years, along with a wide range of OW and Water Polo events. In 1999, I had to step away from all that due to job transition where Snap!, the search engine website I was working for was brought by NBC to create NBC Interactive, leading to a job promotion, but just no spare moment for part-time work. While I continued to lap swim off and on, for the next 10 years there was no involvement with any swimming organizations.

    It was in 2012 that I was encouraged by some Florida Gold swimmers at a local Florida Senior Games Swim Meet I entered on a whim, that I should start training to go to USMS meets because I had "potential". One thing led to another and now here I am!
  5. The Fortress's Avatar
    Great story. And now wonder you write interesting and effective workouts!