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After a long rest

Week 18 - Friday

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Today I felt horrible during the warmup but got better as the workout went on. By the end of the workout I felt pretty strong and good. I guess a night off last night was beneficial. Ironically when I spoke to my coach about last night he said he was waiting for me on deck and had a lane ready for me. I saw the note on the door and took it as a sign. Oh well, a night off was overdue and I benefitted from a good nights sleep also.

400 with snorkel
6x50 catchup drill on 45
200 easy

Main set
6x100 IMs on 1.20
2x500 done as 250 cruise holding 1.10 pace, 250 trying to hold 1min pace per 100 with 30 seconds rest between 500
4x(4x50 on 35 holding 200 pace, 100 easy)
200 easy
200 free with flippers AFAP. If I did not go under 1.55 everyone had to do it again(no pressure)
4x25 no breath on 45
100 back flippers AFAP. If I did not go under 55 everyone had to do it again.

Warm down

100 easy

Total 4400

The IMs were tough but got easier as I got going. I held 1.15s. the 500s were much better. I held 1.10 on the first 250 and 1.01 pace on the second 250 on both 500s. The 4x50 sets were really tough. Myself and one other swimmer split the lane which helped me push these. I kind of felt bad towards the end because he was eating wake the whole way. After the first one I was holding 28 and 29s. Number 3 on sets 3 and 4 hurt bad, but I picked up number 4 each time so it must have been a mental thing. My 200 AFAP with flippers was 1.48. One of the young guys in the next lane went out like a rocket which again helped me, and I realled him in during the middle 100 and I even finished strong. The 100 back was fun since I don't do much strong back any more and I went 54. Lots od SDKs off the walls. The no breathers were as usual, painful. I did 15 minutes of Vasa swim bench with two bungee cords for resistance at the end.

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