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joel schmaltz

The night before

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SC SCY state meet starts tonight with the mile. Usually before a big meet I send out some sort of message to my teammates to try to pump them up a little. This year I went cheesy with this little message. Keep in mind it was done quickly with not much thought.

'twas the night before race day and all through the house not a swimmer could sleep not even there spouse.
I had packed up my swim bag and it lay by the stair.
Extra goggles, caps and my racing suit with a small tear.
My children were all asleep in their beds.
While 14 races played out continuously through my head.
14 races, have I completely lost my darn mind?
All I can do is hope the stroke and turn judge will be rather kind.
I trust my coach and all of the work I have done.
Hangin with my teammates is the best kind of fun.
Should I check my bag AGAIN to make sure its all there.
I glance through it quickly with a very intense stare.
Will my body make it through race one, the unforgiving mile?
Would I get the "mercy clap" cause my race took quite awhile?
13 races still to follow that beast.
Social Sat night with friends to enjoy a grand feast.
Two of my favs come on Sat, the 500 and the 200 back.
Thankfully they are not scheduled to be back to back.
In the 4IM I made to the fast heat.
But seriously doubt there is anyone there I will beat.
In that race I will be swimming in lane eight.
Maybe "outside smoke" is the nickname I will soon take.
If I make through that one I will feel very proud.
And know that my two girls will be cheering so loud.
I have swum these races over and over in my mind.
I'm sure the championship trophy we will soon find.

Yes I know it is goofy and slightly on the cheesy side, but who cares.

Swam my usual 1650 race/warm up for the rest of the weekend. The mile and I don't like each other much. A teammate and I took turns drafting of each other and cruised the entire way. So I guess I can't really count this one as a race.

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  1. fdtotten's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing, it was fun to read. Wishing you the best of swimming success at the SC SCY State Meet!
  2. joel schmaltz's Avatar
    Thanks! Day two is done. I probably checked my bag four times before I left this morning