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David W Cochran

Monday Feb 11 - 5 Days to Go

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5 more days to our meet. Worked on starts and speed today. A lot of rest and not much yardage. I have to be careful about not being psyched out about the 200 IM. So I swam a 200 IM followed by a 200 Back - I was trying to go steady at about 85% effort, so the 3:12 IM and 2:55 Back was faster than I expected. My goal is to be steady and finish in the IM - it's my first time to swim fly and breast in a meet so - just finish and set a base time.

Looking forward to the "taper surge" to start in the next day or two.

4x50 Free/Back
4x25 Sprint 1st 12.5 yards
200 IM (3:12)
200 Back (2:55)
3x100 Free/IM/Back (1:23)
16x25 2 Swim/2 Kick IM order
100 Back
2x25 Free
10 Back Starts
25 Fly
50 Fly
50 Back

1750 yards
80 minutes

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  1. joel schmaltz's Avatar
    Good luck at your meet! I bet you will end up going a lot faster in your 2IM than you think. You'll be fine!
  2. David W Cochran's Avatar
    Appreciate the encouragement. I am probably my own worst enemy - thinking/worrying about it!