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David W Cochran

Tuesday, Feb 12 - COuntdown Continues

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Continued our taper today. More fly and back today and more work on speed.

500 Free Warm Up
200 Back (2:54) Just trying to pull hard and be steady.
4 times
50 Alt Free/Back
25 Fly Sprint
8x50 Alt Swim Kick - Last one sprint kick
50 Free
50 Back
50 Back Sprint
25 Free Start sprint 15 yards
Broken 100 IM w/5 secs rest /25 (1:30 - :15= 1:15 - good for me)
100 Free hard - 1:13
50 Back Hard - :38
50 Fly - :43

1875 yards
75 minutes

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  1. mcnair's Avatar
    Man, you guys are swimming fast... so far, so good on the taper.
  2. David W Cochran's Avatar
    Thanks for the encouragement. I am fortunate to swim with several guys who are much better than I. I'll never catch them but they keep me going.

    I keep looking at your times. They keep improving and you are not that far behind. A year ago, I was doing similar intervals and times. Plus, I would wear out doing all the additional exercise you do.

    Keep it up!!!