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I swim, therefore I am

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

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by , February 13th, 2013 at 07:53 PM (269 Views)
SCY@FGCU Aquatics Center
Air temp of 74, pool at 78, 100% water clarity.
Sunny skies with humidity at 74%

Warm up
200 FR as 25 K, 25 K/Scull w/snorkel
200 FR as 25 K/Scull, 25 Swim, w/snorkel

*Set 1*
10x100 FR on 1:40, snorkel, desc 1-5, steady 6-10
---200 EZ BK as 25DA, 25 Swim DPS
---200 EZ Fly as 25Dr, 25 Swim DPS

*Set 2*
8x100 FR on 1:30, Snorkel, Agility paddles, desc 1-4, steady 5-8
---200 EZ BK as 25DA, 25 Swim DPS

*Set 3*
6x100 FR at 1:20, snorkel, fins, desc 1-3, steady 4-6
---400 EZ FLY as 4(25DK/bk, 25/RA, 25LA, 25 Swim) w/snorkel

*Set 4*
4x100 FR on 1:15, Snorkel, fins, agility paddles
---200 BK as 25DA, 25Swim

2x100 FR on 1:10
---300 EZ FLY as 4(25/RA, 25LA, 25 Swim) w/snorkel

*Set 5*
10x50 FR on 1:00, Snorkel; *31-30-29-31-30-29-31-30-30-29
---EZ 50 BK
8x50 FR on 50, Snorkel,Agility; *30-30-30-29-30-30-30-29
---EZ 50 BK
6x50 FR on 45, Snorkel,Agility,Fins; *27-26-26-27-26-26
---EZ 50 BK
4x50 FR on 40, Snorkel, Agility,Fins; *28-27-27-26
---EZ 50 BK
2x50 FR on 35; *30-29

Warm down

After this workout my arms and entire body are officially very, very tired. There was nothing left after the last 50. Now I have to recover as best possible to swim strong again on Friday.

All through the workout I was on the edge of just barely able to make my goal times including the 80/90 percent split pace profile. When finished with the 100s, I tried to convince myself, "you are tired, just stop, it's ok". Then I thought, "but first I will see if I can do one round of the 50s", and then one more, etc., until I eventually finished.

Arms were lead, just focused holding that EVF with steady streamlined kicking. The snorkel helps me to consistently keep the body & head motion calm and is gradually transferring to more minimal head breathing motion when swimming strong while very tired.

My friend Joel, visiting from CA, was swimming with me from 8x100s to 2x100s where the 10x100s and all the 50s were solo. The last 8 weeks have been my most consistent and hardest training since college swimming. After the Pan Pac 2.4 OW swim & 800 Meter in June, I am considering along with maintaining the endurance base, to train IM the rest of the summer, then maybe I take a shot at the SCM season.

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