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David W Cochran

Wed. Feb 13 Almost There

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Been a little slow posting Wednsday's workout. Last night was busy - went to Ash Wednesday service, etc., etc. Tonight is less busy even though it's Valentine's.Had another taper workout, then a rest day today, and a short swim tomorrow, before heading down to Auburn tomorrow afternoon. So, now just don't psyche myself out.Wasn't feeling all that strong, but I think my speed was ok.4x100 2 - Free on 1:35; 2 - Back on 1:404x100 on 1:30 Held 1:15's16x25 - 2 Swim/2 Kick IM order on :4025 Breast50 Back Sprint w/start (I need to work on my back starts) - :37.5 (just ok, the 2nd 25 was better than the 1st)50 Free Relay Start - :29 (getting there)Starts200 IM - 3:05 (I wasn't trying all that hard - so I was pleased with this)3x50 Back/Free/Breast1875 Yards65 minutes

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  1. rxleakem's Avatar
    Have a blast this weekend and go fast!
  2. David W Cochran's Avatar