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Friday, February 15, 2013

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by , February 15th, 2013 at 05:49 PM (602 Views)
SCY@FGCU Aquatics Center
Air temp of 70, pool at 78, 100% water clarity.
Cloudy skies with rain, humidity at 92%

Warm up
200 FR DPS
200 BK DPS
200 FR as 50 K/Scull,50 Swim, snorkel
3x50 FR on :45 desc 1-3

*Set 1*
4x400 FR on 6:00, all strong (#1-2 w/snorkel)
*4:36, 4:31, 4:27, 4:25
---300 BK as 50DA/50 DPS

*Set 2*
4x200 FR on 3:30, all strong (#1-2 w/snorkel)
*2:09, 2:10, 2:07, 2:06
---400 FLY as 25DK/bk-25RA-25LA-25DPS Swim

*Set 3*
8x100 FR on 2:30, all strong (#5-8 w/agility paddles on 3:00)
*1:03, 1:03, 1:02, 1:02/1:00, 1:00, 59, 58
---400 FR Kick/fins, snorkel

*Set 4*
16x50 FR on 1:30/2:00 w/fins-agility paddles
#1-4)28, #5-8)27, #9-12)26, #13-16)25 ...on 2:00
---200 BR Kick, 100 BR DPS Swim

*Set 5*
32x25 FR on :40/1:00, timed on the flip turn touch
#1-16)14, #17-26)13, #27-32 on 1:00)12

Warm down

Coach Chuck was on deck to get splits, times and offer encouraging words/hand signals. A hard punishing workout today with steady rain most of the time. Arms/shoulders ached afterwards, but as of writing this post, they have calmed down with the various recovery processes one must do daily.

Set 1 - On the second half of 400s #1-2 with the snorkel I was gasping for air feeling uncomfortably clustophobic. Swimming #3-4 without snorkel was better breathing and faster. #1-3 were negative split by 1 second each, and while #4 was even split at 2:12, it hurt the most.

Set 2 - Swam 200s #1-2 with the snorkel, then did #3-4 as normal FR breathing for tighter, longer streamlining off the turns, versus swimming slower shallow flip turns and increased drag with the snorkel. The final 200 resulted in totally red zone exhaustion, clear evidence of a lot more work ahead to swim quality 400s & 200s in training.

Set 3 - Struggled with the 100s as thighs/feet became increasingly affected by minor nagging cramps. Swimming with the agility paddles, increasing the interval, and a moderate streamlined kick helped me to complete the last four.

Set 4 - Surprisingly slow fin kicking with the snorkel seemed to diminish the cramping. Just to be sure I started the 50s as steady swimming gradually building up through #1-12 to strong #13-16. Coach called out high 24s on the last three, but I saw 25s on the scoreboard.

Set 5 - Started out the FR 25s as steady swimming again and built the pace. I like 25 FR/BK swims timed on the flip turn feet touch as a better indication of actual pace. The last six FR 25 times were 12.3-12.0, and coach wanted an 11.8 or so, but not today. With little or none "fast twitch" muscle fibers anywhere in my body, trying to spin the arms faster or something like that would result in flailing/thrashing and would not be sustainable off the flip turn anyway.

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  1. StewartACarroll's Avatar
    Terrific workout Frank. Sets 1 and 2 in particular are my favorites, long middle distance sets swum aggressively. Noce job. What do you think was the cause of the cramps? How was your water intake? When do you start to pull back on your yardage for the OW Nationals?
  2. fdtotten's Avatar
    Thanks, mid distance sets are an ongoing challenge for me, so trying hard to improve. Not sure about the cramps, recently added magnesium to supplements need to try out. The USMS 5K National are at the end of April, so most likely phase in the rest, taper, etc about 2-3 weeks out, depending my current state; such as tired & sore, or working hard but not broken down.