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joel schmaltz


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Not feeling very creative so I decided to borrow one of the workouts from the Stroke and IM workout forums. I used most of it and made a few minor changes. Thanks Laurie!

200 free drill/free swim by 25
100 kick
100 pull
200 IM drill/swim by 25
4 x 50 IMO build R/15

700 alternate 100 free/100 back R/30
4 x 150 alt. 25 stroke kick/50 free R/20
500 alt. 100IM/100 stroke R/20
4 x 100 stroke R/15 (odds bk, evens br)
4 x 75 (25 stroke/50 free) R/10
100 EZ
masters minute or two
4 x 25 IMO sprint @ 45

200 w/d


I swam about 4500 on Wed but other than that I have not been in the pool at all this week for various reasons. It felt good to be back and this one went by quickly. Didn't push any of the main set and just focused on form and turns.

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