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Swim like an Orca, but faster !

Friday Apr.17, 2009 - solo at the HS/Y

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by , April 17th, 2009 at 08:35 PM (597 Views)
Had a light workout this morning, focus was more on technique and kick stroke coordination.
I never counted my strokes, after reading several books that mentioned this and [ame=""]ande's[/ame] blog about the subject, I started today and I noticed something about timing SDK's to reach the opposite wall (inspired by Chris Stevenson's "kick pattern" SKD's)
Anyways, it turns out for a 50 or 100 FR SCY; (fast, not really race pace. moderate add one stroke)
Start - either dive or push off -
5 SKD's 10 strokes to wall, 3 SDK's and 9 strokes to a another turn or 10 to hit the wall dead on.
If I add or subtract a SDK on the first turn, I end up with a half stroke to the wall.
(Bear in mind last summer I was swimming 100FR @ 1:35 best effort, breaking 1:30 was the challenge)

The PsychSheet was posted to the Pacific Masters Swimming site...Of the 188 male swimmers, all age groups combined for the 100FR SCY, I fall in at #125 with my time from the BEAR meet of 1:02.
Hard to believe that 107 men in Northern California can swim below a minute...
The top 11 of these guys swim in the high :40's. Ive got a long way to go... Someday, hopefully, Ill look back at this blog and laugh.

400 Straight, no break, no open turns.
4x100 build it up ez
4x50 focus on form and strong pull/kick
1x100 FR K , moderate

4x20 FR Sprints
2x100 1:20
6x50 Count strokes/sdk's
12x50 Work on 6 beat kick coordination.

This Sunday April 19 Pacific Masters Swimming
Championships. (Why did they have to put the 100 and 50 FR on a Sunday?)

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