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Entered local SCY meet!

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by , February 18th, 2013 at 03:18 PM (806 Views)
I entered our 1 day SCY meet:

50 back
100 free (50 free split)
200 back
50 free
200 free (50 free split)

I'll do the 50 back and see how it goes. I might just do the 200 back for fun and call it a day. If I feel pretty good, then i'll do any combo of the 3 x 50 free opportunities. You have to enter upfront so might as well pick 5 for one price entry! Yours truly may need to take a little nap in between so better to enter that last 200 free, too!

I am happy to report that the 2 x 50 frees a week have been doable and a good choice for me. I can hardly commit to anything and have very poor consistency, but I can just about always make myself do 2 x 50's a week! I can do the 1/1 consistently now, and today I went a 28 solid on my count. If I had to pick a number, i'd say 28.3

I have decided that I only want to do ONE "conditioning" set per week. Last week it was an IM'y type of set with 200's and 150's. I was so impatient to finish that the joke was on me and I ended up blasting my way to first in the lane. Sometimes it's harder to swim it moderate than to just go over the hump and go blast-o.

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