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After a long rest

Week 20 - Monday pm

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This was a really long work out swum mainly as 1000s. I did not feel as bad today as I did the last time we did one of these by 1000 workouts. I have noticed the last few weeks that I am getting lazy on my turns as I get tired and doing a slide side turn as opposed to a flip turn, I caught myself doing this at the end of the workout and corrected it, but if I am not careful I know i will do this. I also tend to breath out of the turn when I am tired. I will try to work on these two things going forward. The later is a result of struggling with lung capacity. Despite my capacity getting better this is something I still feel on the long sets, and something I need to try to recover as build my yardage.

Warm up
1000 with snorkel
2x500 on 6 mins

Main set
1000 swim on 12 mins
1000 kick with flippers on 13min
1000 build by 25 per 100 on 12 mins
2000 negative split

I went 11.45, 11.30 on the 2000

Total 7000

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  1. jaadams1's Avatar
    Are you swimming this with a group, or are these solo practices? If solo...that's just amazing that you can keep yourself going that long with that much effort. I find it hard to get much past 3500 before my mind starts telling me it's time to vacate when I do solo swims.
  2. StewartACarroll's Avatar
    Its sort of a hybrid of both solo and team. I am swimming with my masters team, but I am the only one doing these long sessions, and as such I show up early, stay late and swim in my own lane. For instance last night I did the warmup in the public lanes, then joined the masters group who did a different workout (the evening group typically do a derivative of my morning workout but less yardage and intensity) and I stuck around an extra 10 minutes. My coach is pretty good about pushing me, or else I too would struggle to hold it together for these workouts.

    This is the first time I have done this type of cycle training. We broke the training down into 3 week blocks and I know what yardage we are trying to hit and the test sets within the cycle. This has helped me to know what days I need to try to get to the pool early and beg forgiveness from my wife for being late!

    The real test comes in the next few weeks when I travel internationally with work. I am going to Saudi for a week, then I am back for a week and then I head to the uk. I will train with my childhood team while in the uk, but Saudi is going to be a challenge to get pool time.
  3. joel schmaltz's Avatar
    You are a beast!
  4. StewartACarroll's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by joel schmaltz
    You are a beast!
    My wife used the same words to describe me but she meant in the sense that I was heading to the pool and not having dinner with her and the kids!!

    I believe I am a little compulsive obsessive which helps when it comes to swimming!

  5. StewartACarroll's Avatar
    I actually said " you're nuts", Stewart's wife;-)
  6. slow's Avatar
    Haha, uh oh, can't leave yourself logged in.

    But I have been reading your workouts and you are swimming a lot of quality yardage. Keep it up!
  7. StewartACarroll's Avatar
    I am having a lot of fun. A big thanks for all the support.