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After a long rest

Week 20 - Wednesday pm

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This continued the long evening workouts with some high intensity. The last set was a little interesting and I came close to blacking out on the very last 100 in the last set.

Warm up
1000 with snorkel
2x500 free with snorkel

Main set
3x(400 on 4.40, 300 on 3.24, 200 on 2.10, 100 on 1.01) 30 seconds rest between sets.
100 easy
8x100 kick with fins on 1.30 holding under 1 min

Warm down
200 free

Total 6100

On the main set I made all the paces but on the last set took 10 seconds between each swim. I felt like rigormortis set in during the 2nd set, but kept pushing. I did back kick on the 8x100 and went 56 on the first and then held 57 until the last one and then went back to 56. It took me at least 2 or 3 minutes to catch my breath and feel like the world had stopped spinning.

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