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3000 more...

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by , February 22nd, 2013 at 10:13 PM (1436 Views)
Not such a great day today; my muscles were still torched from yesterday's IM ladder and conditioning session in the weight room. My left shoulder especially is a bit tender, always the same spot (where I suspect I had a sprain a couple of years ago in a pick-up B-ball game with my boys) and when the yardage cranks up--especially with strokes other than freestyle--I have to keep an eye on it. So much of today's yardage was in kick sets to give the shoulders a break:

1200 swim (alt. free and pull by 200) in 20:15.
3 x thru:
-100 dolphins/fly kick w/ fins
-100 back kick w/ fins
-200 breast kick w/ board
600 cool-down (200 ea: back, breast, free)

I noticed in my cool-down that my lats and shoulders were pretty stiff, especially during backstroke... probably all the fly and back I did yesterday.

Tomorrow is my hard, distance day... hoping that the "light" day with only 3000 today will mean I'm recovered enough to get through a special torment session I've planned for myself... 7000 not including cool-down: 5 sets of 6 x 200 or 12 x 100, each followed by a 200 IM. The sets of 100s will be 3 x thru the 400 IM order; the 200 sets will alternate free w/ either breast or back for the most part. We'll see how I feel...

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