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by , February 26th, 2013 at 05:51 PM (1851 Views)
Just have to share.....

So I went to PT this morning, and my regular therapist had another PT (with 'better swimming knowledge') come over and show me how I should modify my stroke to help protect my shoulder from now on. Let me just say, it took everything in my power to not laugh out loud and legitimately do an actual *facepalm* in front of her.

So apparently I need to:
- increase the roll in my stroke so that my elbow never goes behind my body (rotate, but no high elbows!)
- enter the water thumb first

This will ensure that the deltoid will do most of the work, and that it should protect my rotator cuff and help prevent impingement.

?!?! bwahahahahahahaha!

Of course, she proceeds to demonstrate and I just sit there and and

First, NO. Second, I have no problems with my rotator cuff or impingement problem was shoulder instability which is completely different! Of course, I'm sure she didn't realize that, but it was bad advice no matter what! Ahhhh, the downsides of an And I know my own stroke isn't perfect, but I can definitely tell you bad form when I see it!

Anyway, I am almost done with PT. My next appointment isn't until the first week of April! Until then I am supposed to work on my 'end range' stretching and strengthening. It has actually been a bit hard keeping up with my PT routine lately, as a) now that I am swimming more, I don't want to overdo/overuse for the time being; and b) I feel more normal lately, so its harder for me to feel that I *have* to do them. Of course, I will need to manage and protect my shoulder from other injuries down the road as I age.....but for now if my shoulder can stay in its socket, then I feel that I'm golden lol!

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  1. Waternixie's Avatar
    I have a rotator cuff tear and may need surgery and was looking up forums on surgery, when I found your blog. I'm currently going to PT for it and my PT is a Master's Swimmer. His coach is my orthopedic doctor. One thing I can tell you that your PT is wrong about is that you should NOT enter thumb first. I was told to stop that since it involves internal instability due to loose joints. He even sent me an article on swimming stroke mechanics for PTs that mentions the same thing. So even though you were told this months ago, it's not too late to change. You wouldn't want to injure yourself again. But I think you figured that out and I am needlessy blathering on about this.