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Sunday Morning Swim :)

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I had a very satisfying Sunday morning swim.(great lane mates, good workout, fun interactions!)
Here it is:

1) 400 freestyle Warm-up swim
2) 4 X 75 on 1:20 Freestyle
3) 5 X 100 on 1:45 (the 1:45 interval is getting easier for me)
4) 4 X 150 on 3:15 (Broken 50 free-rest 5 sec-50 stroke-rest 10 sec-50 free) I alternated fly and back on the stroke
5) 3 X (2 X 50 Kick fast w/fins/2 X 25 Kick fast w/fins) I did dolfin on back with arms straight out of the water in line w/nose.
6) 2 X 250 on 4:30 (1st one 5 X 50 w/5 seconds rest between each, 2nd one 2 X 125 w/10 seconds rest inbetween)
7) 8 X 25 Hard on :30 (all free)
8) 300 cool-down swim. Continous 100 IM's.
3,200 Yards

I'm making a big batch of spicy chili for tomorrow. I figure this will be the last cool 3 or 4 days before spring!
Tomorrow is Boston marathon monday...Patriot's Day. I wish I were gonna be there!
Running through Wellsley is such a rush!

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  1. gigi's Avatar
    I live about 45 miles from Boston and I've taken the T into Boston lots of times to catch a little marathon action - maybe I've cheered you on in the Wellesley hills?!

    I just may head out there tomorrow if the weather's nice - we'll see!
  2. The Fortress's Avatar
    Is it going to be televised?

    That looks like a very fun workout!