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99.99 miles...

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by , March 2nd, 2013 at 08:09 PM (974 Views)
I got in to loosen up after taking yesterday completely off. Did 1500, included some starts... now I feel rested and ready to go for tomorrow's serious pain-a-thon.

I ended February (swam 27 of the 28 days) with over 40 miles and had 99.13 for the year as of today. So I was surprised to see GTD tell me I was just soooo close to breaking the 100 with today's 1500; close, but no cigar. 99.99! Unbelievable... all I have to do is fall in the pool for my warm-up tomorrow and I'll be at 100 miles for the year. Or... I could be dramatic and save the 100-mile mark for the start of my 400 IM... off the blocks, cold... what a warm-up that would be!

Not going to do that.

Well, I'm icing the left shoulder and hitting the Advil pretty hard the last couple of days. I've found the source of the soreness in my technique too (well, that is the technique in the pool when I'm not aggravating it with snow-shoveling and other shoulder-killers). It doesn't hurt during any of my normal stroke phases, but if my streamline is not tight enough coming out of the flip turn I've found it aggravates that shoulder more than any other area... AND, probably more importantly given how much backstroke I've been doing lately, it hurts the most when I'm going from streamline back dolphins into my first full stroke cycle on that breakout. I always pull first with my right arm, but because my left arm is still in streamline I've gotten into the habit of starting the pull with my left arm before my body has rotated fully to the left... just enough torque at the wrong angle... this doesn't happen on a normal stroke where the rotation starts occurring before before the left pinky is even in.

Anyway, I think that's where the soreness is coming from principally, so I'll have to be super conscious of that and remember either to pull with the left first on the breakout or roll to the left before bringing the left hand out of streamline.

Event order tomorrow (for me): 4IM, 2BK, 2FR, 2IM, 2BR. Take that, EKW, I'll finish my check-off before you! Oh wait, there's that 200 fly still... curse you, fly!

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  1. ekw's Avatar
    I'm knocking out all the evilstroke this weekend plus the 50 free and the 50 fly, so between this meet and Auburn I'll have made good progress on checking things off. After this I will hit a dry spell for a while as far as meets go. I am going to Indy for Nationals but I won't be doing check off events there.
  2. ekw's Avatar
    And good luck tomorrow!
  3. mcnair's Avatar
    After meet today I'm feeling better about fly now, breaststroke is still evil! Glad I didn't have to do all the evilstroke events in one meet. Are you going to focus on free and back for nationals?
  4. ekw's Avatar
    Yes, nationals is all distance free and backstroke - I'm thinking the lineup will be:
    Thursday: 1000 or 1650 free (haven't decided yet)
    Friday: 50 back
    Saturday: 200 back
    Sunday: 500 free and 100 back
    I could swim one more event because I have three qualifying times, but I'm not sure what I would do.