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After a long rest

Week 21 - Middle East

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My week in the Middle East felt very long and I did a lot of miles. My flights/drives were:
Dallas to Dubai
Dubai to Medina
Medina to Jeddah(drive)
Jeddah to Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi to Dubai(drive)
Dubai to Abu Dhabi(drive)
Abu Dhabi to Jeddah
Jeddah to Riyadh
Riyadh to Dubai
Dubai to London
London to Dallas

I managed to swim 4 times on my trip, with two decent swims and two short swims. Our hotel in Jeddah had a kidney shaped pool and by swimming from the two furthest points I was able to take 6 strokes. In Dubai I stayed at a hotel with a 25m roof top pool and other than being a little warm and choppy it was a great location. I don't think I lost the feel for the water but I am really tired and suspect its going to take a few sessions to get back to where I was. I am in the uk next week and will be training with my childhood team, and should be able to swim everyday.

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