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South Central Zone Events Decided!

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by , March 5th, 2013 at 11:00 PM (942 Views)
I entered the meet! Set your faces to stun!

500 free (5:40)
200 back (2:19)
100 free (1:00) possible splt
50 back (29.3)

200 free (2:05)
100 back (1:02.5)
50 free (24.50)
200 IM (2:45?) possible 50 fly split

Time to try something new! If PWB can swim 25's, then I can do a 500!!!! I have no idea what I can do. I last swam the 500 in April 2002 and the 200 free in May, 1995! Can you beleive it has been that long since a real 200 free? Notice I end with 2 x 50's at the end of each day. I reserve the right to skip a bunch of stuff. But i'm really curious what I can do in the 500. I don't swim short course, but for SCM, I can easily hold 1:20 base in workout for a 400. I probably can't unless i'm just about puking to hold a 1:15 - that is super tough. Because a 2:30 in SCM is a strong swim. So maybe I could average a 1:17.5 for a very strong SCM 400 free in workout. Not sure what that converts to for a 500? I think 1:10's in SCY? That puts me at a 5:50 in workout.

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  1. jaadams1's Avatar
    AWESOME!! I like it! You should be just fine with this. Have fun
  2. ourswimmer's Avatar
    Well, now, if you are racing the 500, "just about puking" is the right effort level. Calibrate from there! For me, 5:00 for 400 SCM is about like 5:40 for 500 SCY, so I think you are on target.
  3. The Fortress's Avatar
    A sprinter moving up in yardage is like a duck trying to bowl.

    You are brave and have been focusing on the 50 free so long that this is probably a nice mental change.

    Not really sure whether you could crank fast 50s on Sat after a 500 free and 200 back ...
  4. pwb's Avatar
    This is a great line up. I like that the 500 and 200 are the first events of each day; hopefully, you'll arrive at the pool excited (with the right amount of trepidation), pace these well and surprise the heck out of yourself. Given how well your recent 200 back went, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

    As for ourswimmers' though about hitting a "just about puking" pace on the 500, I'd strongly recommend you --
    • Take the 1st 100 out a lot easier than you think it should feel ... get your stroke count on your 4th 25
    • Try to hold that stroke count for the next 250 and really just focus on that
    • Build the last 150 ... saving enough to make the last 50 look like you were "Sammy Save Up" (think 6 beat sprinter kick on the last 25) so that you finish in "style," leave swim fans in awe and put a bit of fear in the mid-distance ladies across USMS-land that you will continue to swim this event
  5. chowmi's Avatar
    Thanks all! It has come to the point where the 50's cease to have much meaning. It's all perspective, but after the gall bladder thing, the 50's feel like a drudgery of duty, like doing the laundry but it's a neverending thing of just when you all the bra straps untangled, there they are again in the dirty clothes bin. With all the crumpled up inside out socks. Ugh. It's time for some NEW clothes!!! It is rare I feel that I can even FINISH a 200 or 500 free, so this will be fun. I might even back off from the puking zone and like PWB already has said, I want to finish strong, with a SMILE on my face, and a punch to the wall! Maybe for this swim, go 80%, try to have good relative splits, and a strong, dramatic finish! Very much agree with Fort on whether I have anything left after the 500. I was going to use the other swims as "practice" to try out kamazie stuff on my dives and just go crazy for fun!