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Thursday 03072013

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knew I'd have a busy day of work meetings so I planned to get out early for a spin on my bike:
AM spin to tukee 47.73 mi 02:33 18.7mph pace

Have a bunch of work calls later today, so did a rare leave home by 7am ride. yea there was traffic getting out of Chandler, but at least there's bikelanes or wide shoulders. Went out to Ahwatukee, did a hill loop, then another climb/back down just for kicks. Had a little wind on the ride home, but not too bad. Great weather, low 50s at the start, low 60s to finish, nice and sunny.

later today I went over to the gym for a mostly recovery swim:
600 w/u, done--
* 300 free
* 25 breast/75 free x 3 (continuous)

6 x 50 kick @ :10 rest w/board
--odds free
--evens breast

3 x 200 pull @ :10 rest, w/paddles + buoy

3 x 100 kick @ :10 rest, w/fins + board
--odds flutter
--evens dolphin

100 easy

2 x 50 breast @ :10 rest
2 x 50 breast @ :10 rest, w/large paddles upside down
2 x 50 breast @ :10 rest, w/breaststroke fins
2 x 50 breast @ :10 rest, w/breaststroke fins + fingertip paddles
2 x 50 breast @ :10 rest

200 w/d

about 10 min of stretching in the hot tub

another 100 easy swim

TTL: 2700 yards

really didn't feel into swimming much. after cycling in the morning, and a busy day of work, I had a hard time even getting myself to the pool. the kick set was very draining, and I almost just gave up after that. but I figured I'd pull and see what happened.
definitely one of those days when I was glad I didn't have a pace clock to stay on intervals, and just go with how I felt.

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