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After a long rest

Week 22 - Friday

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I still felt a little stiff at the beginning of practice but loosened up by the end again.

Warm up
400 with snorkel
6x50 catchup on 45
6x75 kick middle25 hardon 1.20
100 easy

Main set
3x(2x100 fast on 1.30, 2x50 AFAP on 1.00)
100 easy
3x300 with fins work walls on 3.30
100 easy
8x75 kick, pull, swim by 25. No rest
100 easy
10x50 on 35

Warm down
100 back/free

Total 4500

I held 1.01s throughout the fast 100 and 28-29 on the 50s. I don't feel like I have any speed yet, but seem better with how I feel in the water on these faster sets. The 300s were more like active recovery and I got about 15-20 seconds rest. The 50s were hard but held 31s throughout.

The official times were just posted from my meet a few weeks back and my splits were quite interesting. I had a rough week ahead of the meet and I think I psyched myself out of a really competitive time as a result. In particular we did a tough 200,100,50 set the day before the meet. At the meet I decided to try to go out a little easier than usual because I was afraid of dieing. After both races I felt like I had a lot of energy left and after reviewing the splits I see why. I negative split both races and in the case of the 1000 by a considerable amount of time. I negative split the 500 by about 1 second, and about 8 seconds in the 1000. I am really pleased to see that i have plenty of room for improvement and that I am actually in a pretty good spot endurance wise right now, despite feeling stiff and sluggish with no speed.

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