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EZ day...

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by , March 8th, 2013 at 11:11 PM (365 Views)
Today I took it easy, though I wasn't as sore as I thought I would be after yesterday's workout. That's a good thing. The left shoulder really takes a long time to warm up though and I can feel that uncomfortable tug across the deltoid when I'm trying to stretch out my stroke. I started paying attention to my hip rotation a little more (get the stretch/stroke length from the hip rotation, rather than over-reaching with the hand entry) and that seemed to help. Also I noticed that when I was doing my faster swimming it appeared not to be as much of an issue... again, it could be b/c it warmed up, it could be b/c when I swim more slowly the shoulder is in catch too long. I seem to have much better luck when I increase the stroke rate a little and aim for hand entry closer to the ear or forehead.

Here's what I did:

200 EZ swim
200 pull
200 fr moderate pace
200 back
200 breast kick w/ board
10 x 100 fr on 1:45 (1:30-1:36)
200 breast kick w/ board
200 back
200 EZ free

2600/55 minutes

That set of 100s on 1:45 felt like the most comfortable thing; short rest but manageable pace w/o falling into a slow slog... since I was only doing 100 at a time I really focused on technique the whole time, trying to smooth things out.

Scotty is in charge of our workout tomorrow... usually I do a distance day on Saturday, but I need a basic speed workout and I need to get some fly work in, so he said he'd come up with something a la his old high school workouts for sprint. He said "don't expect a lot of yardage, but you won't want it"; he hinted at a fly ladder (25, 50, 75, 100, 75, 50, 25) and some other things. Glad I had a more comfortable day today!

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