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Weekend Workouts

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I had two good workouts this weekend with TNYA. On Saturday I swam at John Jay College. We were six in our scy lane, but everyone was friendly and of similar speeds so it turned out to be one of those energizing crowded workouts with good esprit de lane.

1000 warmup

10 x 50 FR @ (1:10--1:05--1:00, 1:10--1:00--:50, 1:10--:55--:40, 1:10)

6 x 100 kick @ 2:15, 2x thru FL/BK, BK/BR, BR/FR [1:40-1:45]

4 x 100 pull w/paddles @ 1:25
50 easy @ 2:00
100 FR fast @ 1:15
50 easy @ 1:45
3 x 100 pull w/paddles @ 1:25
50 easy @ 2:00
100 FR fast @ 1:15
50 easy @ 1:45

[Set continued on with through two more rounds, but I had to get out early.]

Today I enjoyed a nice workout at City College. The water was much too warm, but the pool was relatively uncrowded, which is rare with team workouts. I moved down from a lane of 5 to share with one other swimmer, and enjoyed using the slower intervals in order to push my pace on some of the swims. Here's how it went:

500 warmup (400s, 100k)

6 x 50 BR working pullouts @ :20 RI
6 x 50 BK with fins (25K / 25S) @ :20 RI
6 x 50 FR with fins @ :20 RI, desc. 1-3 and 4-6

400 pull with paddles @ 6:15
[practiced left-side breathing]
4 x 100 IM fast @ 2:00
[goal was to keep all under 1:25, and I did--fastest was 1:20]
8 x 50 (25 kick / 25 swim), easy, @ 1:15
[nice to have the slower interval on these to cool down--I switched to my ventilated cap here and that helped too]
300 pull with paddles @ 4:45
[left-side breathing]
3 x 100 IM fast @ 2:00
[2:23s and a 2:24]
6 x 50 (25 kick / 25 swim) warmdown

That was it!

I've been back in the city a week, and was very happy to resume diving practice last Thursday night. I'm making good progress, and need to learn 3 more dives so that I can compete at an upcoming meet. I'm definitely eager, and have lost some of that initial fear of going off the boards. I did smack for the first time this past week--water is surprisingly hard when you hit it wrong--but luckily it was only from the 1m, and only on my shins (I was trying to do a back dive tuck, but kicked out too late and ended up almost doing a back flip, hitting the water awkwardly shins first). It hurt, but didn't keep me from getting back up and trying again. The resulting bruises somehow go more than 180 degrees around my lower legs--not sure how that happened from a single impact.

I'm also back coaching some with TNYA now. I had been a regular weekly coach for them some years ago, but after 6 years or so of that decided I needed a break. The invitation to rejoin the coaching staff came last fall just as I was feeling a little guilty for not giving back to the swimming community more, and casting about for a way to do so that didn't involve attending meetings--I'm allergic to those. I put off starting until I was back from the Florida, so last Thursday was my first morning back on deck. I also subbed in for the team's weekly LPZ workout on Saturday, after swimming the regular workout. So far I'm really enjoying it, and am finding that giving technique feedback gives me added focus in my own workouts. It's also something of a confidence boost to feel like I have knowledge and experience that can help others. For now I'm just subbing for other coaches when they can't make their regular practices. That situation seems pretty ideal--since we have 18 workouts a week, that means I can do as much or as little as I'm inclined to do, without making a regular commitment yet.

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  1. aztimm's Avatar
    Nice swims! When will you do your first o/w swim for 2013? Is anyone going out to swim at Brighton yet?
  2. swimsuit addict's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by aztimm
    Nice swims! When will you do your first o/w swim for 2013? Is anyone going out to swim at Brighton yet?
    Thanks! It's 38 at Brighton, and has been holding steady at that temp for the last month or so. There are about a half-dozen CIBBOWS folk who are swimming every weekend, even in rain or heavy winds at those temps--it can be done. I haven't been out this year yet--waiting for the water to warm up a bit!