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swimsuit addict

Back to swimming before sunrise!

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I enjoyed a very pleasant workout at Riverbank this morning with a friend. After a couple straight days of doing team practices, I was due for a nice long easy swim, and that's exactly what I got, as I did the following with no intervals or clock-watching, just a nice steady pace throughout:

1100 LCM warmup (400s, 200k, 200p, 200 d/s, 100 IM)

500 FR
4 x 50 (2 kick w/fins, 2 swim)
500 (200 FR / 100 IM kick / 200 FR)
4 x 50, IM order
500 (150 FR / 200 IM kick / 150 FR)
4 x 50, IM order
500 (100 FR / 300 IM kick / 100 FR)
4 x 50, odds BK, evens FR
500 (50 FR / 400 IM kick / 50 FR)

That was it. I felt calm and relaxed and at home in the water today, and wanted to stay in longer. It was a good feeling.

DST has us going to practice in the dark again. Here's my pre-workout view of the George Washington Bridge, last Monday and today:

last week--view upriver

the effects of springing forward

I'm not complaining--they're both an inspiring way to begin the day. But I am looking forward to watching that latter view become the former again over the next few weeks. Hurray for spring, and lengthening days!

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  1. Sojerz's Avatar
    Welcome back to the good ole NE and hoping you're the person responsible for chasing winter away. I've recently enjoyed (before DST) those early morning sunrises on the way to practice , although they are not quite as spectacular in south jersey as your veiw of the Hudson and GWB. Now I can enjoy coming home from work to daylight, and I will be rooting too for a few more weeks to pass, for the sunrise to again greet us, and for getting rid of wearing winter gear to practices - bring on the shorts, flip-flops and baseball. Good luck with the diving (esp. rotation control) and with the swim coaching.
  2. mcnair's Avatar
    Great pics; I was wondering today, as I headed to my lunch-time swim, how the time change would affect the light situation for the early-rising outdoor swimmers in other parts.
  3. swimsuit addict's Avatar
    It seems like it's getting noticeably lighter each morning already--and it's gorgeous watching the sun rise (or at least its reflection--we have a western view) as practice progresses. And I hope I'm not the one responsible for chasing winter away--if so, I'm definitely falling down on the job today.