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joel schmaltz

Monday 3/11/13

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500 mix up
4 x 150 @ 3:00 (k/dr/sw by 50)
--went bk,fr,br,fr
6 x 50 @ 55 (breath 5/7/9 repeat)

3 x thru
150 @ 2:15 build to sprint
100 sprint

50 cruise
500 pull (25 sprint, 75 cruise)

4 x thru
100 @ 1:30 build to sprint
50 @ 1:00 sprint

50 cruise
500 no walls, 10 fast strokes off turns (not my favorite thing to do)

100 w/d

Not much gas in the tank this evening. I am not diasappointed with my times but should have been really moving on the sprints. I was too close to the wall on EVERY turn tonight. Maybe I am gaining a little more DPS or a little more distance of the wall. I plan to do a solo swim in the morning and mix in some stroke work since our last few workouts have been mainly freestyle.
Pollen in the air in SC already. Nasty stuff!!

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