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After a long rest

Week 23 - Monday PM

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I am off to England with work tomorrow night so I am taking any opportunity to hang out with my kids that's I can. So tonight both kids came to the pool and although I trained and they swam we got hang out to and from the pool including a starbucks on the way home. It was all around good stuff. I also had a pretty good workout tonight and carried on the good feeling from this morning.

Warm up
1000 with snorkel
8x50 drill/swim back on 50

Main set
15x100, swum as 5,4,3,2,1 dropping by 5, starting on 1.20 and finishing on 1.00
100 easy

Second set
3x500 on 5.50 negative split

Warm down
16x50 drill/swim free on 45

Total 5300

I made the descending 100s and even managed a 57 on the last 100. The 500s were tough but made these holding 5.25s. All around felt good tonight and even got to spend time with the kids.

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  1. mcnair's Avatar
    That's a lot of travel... hope you're getting frequent flyer miles!

    And when I "drop 5" it's usually in the other direction... 1:20... dropping my ability to do the next 100 in under 1:25, then 1:30, etc.!
  2. StewartACarroll's Avatar
    On this trip i am getting air miles but kn the Saudi trip i went with the direct flight which was 16hrs in coach with Emirates. Internal flights were either Saudi Airlines or Etihad. This one is with American which does have a very nice spacious coach section(remember i am 6'5" so its never easy).

    I love the descending sets because you get going by the end. I am just glad this was 100s and not 200s. Next up on the test set is the 6x300 set which we do jn groups of 3. But first is this UK trip. I am planning on swimming with my high school team which i am really looking forward to.

    You have dropped a lot of time and its impressive. I loved your history of how you got into swimming. All the best.
  3. mcnair's Avatar
    Thanks... hope that cramped airline seat isn't too torturous for the long flight; I'm only 6" and get claustrophobic after just a couple of hours in those things.