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After a long rest

Week 23 - Wednesday

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I arrived in the uk earlier today and swam with my high school team this evening. The pool is at an army barracks and is 4 lane 25 meter pool, with rope lane lines and no gutters, so it's very choppy. That said the workout was great and felt especiAlly good after an all night flight.

Warm up
6x200 with snorkel

Main set
6x100 on 1.50 best time +15
5x100 on 1.50 best time +12
4x100 on 1.50 best time +9
4x50 on 2mins 2nd 50 of best 100
250 easy
4x50 on 2mins 2nd 50 of best 100 minus 2 seconds
250 easy
6x100 pull free/back by 100 on 2 mins

Warm down
250 easy

Total 4650 meters

I felt sluggish throughout but held my own with the younger swimmers. I don't have any base times for meters so sort of had to discover my base times as I went along. I held 1.07s on the 15 100s, which really equated to I went too hard at the beginning but I held it together. The 50s were 30 on the first set and 29 on the second set. I am not used to the long send off times either and I got stiff toward the end of the sets, particularly my right shoulder. The pull I also held 1.07 on the free and 1.12 on the back. I am off to the launch event tomorrow so no practice tomorrow but should be able to swim Friday through next Wednesday which will be great.

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