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After a long rest

Week 23 - Friday

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I swam long course today with my high school team. It was really good swimming long course and I felt good. The team has a big meet this weekend so tonight was a light workout for them. I swam extra meters but also did some of there sprint sets too. Overall I felt good.

Warm up
2x200 with snorkel on 3.30
12x100 swum as 50 drill, 50 swim on 2 mins
200 easy

Main set
4x50 from push at second 50 of best 100 pace
300 easy
4x50 from blocks fast 15m
300 easy

Warm down
Total 3600

I went 30,29,28.5,28 on the four 50s from a push, and 6.25-6.4 on the fast 15m swims. I really liked the long course pool, which I had not swum in previously.

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  1. mcnair's Avatar
    I really like LCM, I feel like you can get into a nice rhythm and keep it going for a while without having to turn. But, then again, it's really nice to have that streamline push off the wall every 25 yards too.
  2. StewartACarroll's Avatar
    I can't tell if the reason I enjoyed this was because it was long course or the specific facility and the team. Either way it was great fun. Turns on short course definitely help, although on those long sets they can be painful when done as my coach wants, no breath in or out with a tight streamline.