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Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!

Fri, March 15, 2013 7:00-8:30pm

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Tonight was more of a splash around day. There were only 5 kids that came to the practice. Due to a calendar change mix up, 4 others showed up at the earlier time slot with the other they swam then.

It was a really laid back practice...set up by John for the kids tapering for Sectionals next week...though the 5 of us there were not going to Sectionals. Oh well, it was nice to go easy, and fast too.


800 (25 Free/25 Back/25 V-sit Scull/25 Free)

16 x 25 SDK w/ short fins underwater @ 1:00

3 x Broken 200s @ 6:00 w/ :15 rest between each 50 - Do Major Strokes
  • 1st Fly - broken ~2:10
  • 2nd Fly - broken ~2:07
  • 3rd IM - broken ~2:13


3 x 200 (50 EZ Drill/50 EZ Swim) @ 4:30

16 x 25 @ 1:00 Choice/Major Strokes (1 EZ/1 Build/1 AFAP)
did all Free - had fun with these
200 EZ

THere was another 30 minutes of stuff on the board, but I chose to get out and get some rest for my work in the morning. Overtime is good, and I'll get it when I can!

3000 Yards

GTD is catching up with me slowly with all these taper workouts lately. I need to get cranking back up again soon, even though I've only got 7 days left till my trip out of the country.

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