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After a long rest

Week 24 - Monday (6 months back in the pool today)

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Today represents being back in the pool 6 months. As I have written previously I am really enjoying swimming again and can't believe I was gone from the sport for so long. I am in the uk til Wednesday morning and have one more session with my old team. I have really enjoyed training with the kids and I am very tempted to enquire about training with my daughters team next fall when I get serious about training for 2014 world champs. Tonight was back in the Aldershot 50m pool I swam in Friday. Today was a whole squad workout and it was fun. We had a lane line issue during the workout and rather than a 10 minute delay the coach decided to throw in some from the block fast 50s. I enjoyed them but tweaked my shoulder. Probably not enough warm up for these old bones. I iced after the workout and may take some anti inflammatories if it still hurts in the morning. The pain is at the back of my right shoulder and is a deep aching pain. I hope it's muscle but it's deep and could be somethin in the joint. I kept going through the workout and it really only hurt when I lift my elbow over my shoulder.

Warm up
400 free
200 free

Main set
8x50 from blocks on 3 minutes holding 28s.
200 easy
2x400 free on 6.30
4x50 from blocks on 5 mins holding 27s
500 free easy
8x100 free on 2 mins
1x50 from block on 5 mins AFAP
300 easy
200 kick

Warm down
400 easy

Total 4450 meters

Most of the swimmers on the team are sprinters and I have done more sprinting on this trip than I have done during my last six months. On the early 400s I went very steady and held 4.45s and felt good doing them. I lapped a bunch of the kids on these too(it felt good to be honest). The 50s were hard for me but I went 28s on the first set and 27s on the second. On the AFAP I also went 27. I recovered quite well between 50s when most the kids were lying on the ground winded, I was ready to get going again(it felt good to see the older kids sucking air while I was ready to go again). My shoulder really started to ache towards the middle of the 8x100 set and most of what was left was me swimming easy trying to stretch out the arm. I hope it feels better tomorrow.

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Updated March 18th, 2013 at 07:12 PM by StewartACarroll

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  1. mcnair's Avatar
    You probably just over-did it with the sprinting and found your breaking point toward the end of the workout. Take the ibuprofen and ice it... to keep the inflammation out and let the muscle start recovering. It took me about a week after my last meet to feel full-strength again in my left shoulder, but now (15 days after the event) I don't have any residual soreness at all even after a pretty hard week of training.
  2. StewartACarroll's Avatar
    I woke feeling much better this morning. Still some creaking and looseness in the joint(not good) but no pain. I plan on taking it easy tonight. The trouble is I am competitive and depending on the workout it's easy for me to end up going quick even if I should not. An easy night tonight and then my trip home tomorrow.

    My masters coach is off tomorrow and he asked me to run the masters workout tomorrow night so I will swim tomorrow night even if I am tired as I suspect I will be. I am heading to Phillidelphia with work on Thursday and will be back one Friday night. The traveling stops after that one until after Nationals(thank goodness).
  3. mcnair's Avatar
    Yeah, no joke, all that jetting around takes a toll after a while. I'm with you on the competitiveness, it's really hard to hold back sometimes even when you know you should!