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Monday, March 18, 2013

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Finally getting back to posting in my blog. Don't know why I haven't been on here for so long, I'm usually on here DAILY - well, I guess I have been trolling, just didn't realize until now that I hadn't been contributing. Started my taper this weekend for the meet this weekend - this is my Nationals, as I won't be in Indianapolis. Then on Monday I get back after it to start training for the Pan Am Meet in June. Why do you always feel so crummy (i.e. slow) at the beginning of your taper, when you were swimming so fine last week?

600 back/free
3 x 200 P w/20 sec rest
4 x 100 K @ 2:10
100 easy
20 x 50 down stroke, back free ~ ::55
50 easy
3 x 200 P w/20 sec rest
50 easy

200 breast/free
Total: 3600

**No clock on the pool deck today - kids have Spring Break, so no illuminated digital clock - we were squinting at the tiny little analog clock ~60 meters away.

***New girl came today - we'll call her Amy - cute little 26 yo thing from Connecticut with a deep voice who is seriously out of my league - as she should be. She's just slumming in Tallahassee until she leaves to go to Vet School in the fall, don't know how much we'll see of her, but she is sure strong & steady - even gave Jenna & Chuck a run for their money.

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