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800s day... what the...?

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by , March 20th, 2013 at 12:11 AM (368 Views)
My warm-up today was an 800 in reverse IM order, just EZ swimming... except the fly which is never EZ. felt pretty good after that 200 fly, though, so I decided to go straight into BK, BR, FR 200s as if I were swimming the 800 IM in its regular order. That was a nice 1400-yard warm-up at which point I guess I decided 800s was a good theme. Here's what I did:

200 free

200 br
200 bk
200 fly
200 bk
200 br
200 fr
2:00 rest

16 x 50 in 800 IM order:

-4 x 50 fly on 1:30 (:49-:53)
-4 x 50 bk on 1:15 (:46-:49)
-4 x 50 br on 1:20 (:53-:49)
-4 x 50 fr on 1:00 (:37-:38)


800 EZ free (swum as 2 x 400 on 8:00)

3000 SCY/66 minutes

I have no idea why the number 800 (and multiples of 2, 4, 8) stood out for me today, or if this is what I should be doing for a taper, but it felt OK... nothing too terribly hard. My BR 50s really surprised me, they are coming in 3-6 seconds faster than they were a week ago, which means I might be able to shave a few seconds if I push that leg in the 400 IM on Sunday. I didn't push the BK today at all, but the 50s felt pretty good... strong and fairly smooth. The free was pretty fast, way faster than my 1650 pace, but I'd love for :37-:38 to be my 200 pace at some point. Which reminds me I need to do some pace work tomorrow for the 1650 to lock in that goal pace of 1:30... get the feel for that again with some 50s and 100s.

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