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Welcome spring!

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We had a full house in our lane at Riverbank this morning—I had four friends to swim and celebrate spring with today. We repeated the same main set we did last Wednesday, only with more people. Here’s what I did:

600 lcm warmup (400s, 200k)

500 FR, negative split
400 IM fast
100 easy
400 FR, negative split
300 IM fast
100 easy
300 FR, negative split
200 IM fast
100 easy
200 FR negative split
100 IM fast
100 easy
100 FR negative split
0 IM fast
100 easy

300 pull with paddles

200 play

At this point an odd thing happened. We were all basically done with our workouts, and were lingering at the end of the pool waiting for the guards to blow the whistle indicating that lap swim was over, as were the swimmers in the adjacent lanes . . . as if we couldn’t get out of the pool without a signal. Everyone seemed to be having these "Why haven't they blown the whitle yet" conversations when finally someone hypothesized that maybe the pool was closing at 8:30 today rather than 8:15, because of spring break. (Why RB has lap lanes for 15 minutes extra on holidays is yet another question). I confirmed this with the guard, and it was true. Woohoo—extra play time! We did a little 4-person synchro circle in our lane, then several of us moved over to one of the empty-by-now lanes to practice more synchro and backwards swimming and kicking.

50m ballet legs with sculling, oysters, twirls, backwards freestyle, backwards FR, BR, and FL kicking, etc

50m backwards (feet-first) IM for time [2:00, which is 7 seconds slower than my PR. Clearly this needs more practice.]

Then it was truly time to get out.

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