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After a long rest

Week 24 - Wednesday back home

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I arrived home an hour later than anticipated due to a delay leaving London. I hung out with the family for about 30 minutes and then my daughter and I headed to the pool for a short stretch swim. It was fun swimming with my daughter buthonestly i could have done with a little more yardage. Still, with all the traveling it was great spending time with my daughter. After practice we had a family dinner whichwas great. All this traveling the past month has been hard on all of us. I am heading back out tomorrow for my last planned travel until after nationals which I am not looking forward to.

400 free with snorkel
8x50 catchup
3x400 pull
4x100 kick
4x50 with flippers back
200 easy

Total 2800

I felt pretty bad but I guess that's the time difference and the travel catching up on me.mthe time with my daughter was great and I am looking forward to doing more swimming with her in the future.

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