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Recovery day

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I had a good diving session last night, learning two new skills: an inward tuck dive off the 1m, and a forward tuck dive off the 3m. The latter is the first actual dive Iíve done off the higher boardótil now the beginners have stuck to various line-ups (falling down headfirst from standing or sitting positions) and approaches. Doing the forward tuck was just a matter of getting up my nerve and being told I was allowed to, as it is a skill Iím very comfortable with on the lower board. It went fine from the get-go. The speed with which I can travel through the water upon entering from that height is still one of my favorite parts of divingómaybe Iím still a swimmer at heart. I wish the pool were deeper so I could enjoy that longer!

The inward dive was a little trickier. After doing the build-up skills, I was still a little tentative on my first few, and managed to do just a quarter rotation, landing on the water on all fours. After a bit I got the hang of entering headfirst, and could reliably do a legal inward by the end of the session, though not a pretty one. I need to work on getting more height on my back approach and on getting my hips up on the tuck, so that I can have more time in the air to come fully and gracefully out of that tuck position.

Some Friday mornings after diving I feel like a truck hit meóI think itís a combination of the impacts with the water the night before, muscle soreness from the explosive movements, and the unaccustomed late activity and resulting sleep deprivation. But this morning I was able to sleep in, and felt fairly good when I woke upómaybe my body is finally adapting to doing this every week. I got in an easy swim at the Y today in that magic 1-2 pm hour when no one much is around. Hereís what I did:

1000 scy warmup (400s, 200k, 200p, 200 IM d/s)

1000 various drills (working on early breathing and balance)

That was it. Afterwards I had a leisurely stretching session upstairs in the gym, which felt wonderful.

Tomorrow morning Iím attending a diving clinic upstate. There weíll be able to use belts on the boards, so Iím hoping to pick up a few more skills.

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