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After a long rest

Week 24 - Saturday

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This a very slightly modified version of one of Patrick Brundage's workouts based on a broken mile. I was feeling very stiff today which I primarily put down to all the time spent in the spacious confines(not) of an American Airlines plane this week. Both my shoulder and neck were stiff and neither really loosened up. In fact as I write this entry I am icing my right shoulder. I am probably one of the few people who detests a massage but I am contemplating getting a deep tissue massage later today or tomorrow to see if that loosens the rest of my body up. The pace today was good and I think I am starting to get where I need to get to for nationals. I guess time will tell.

Warm up
400 with snorkel
4x100 on 1.30 descending 1-4
4x100 kick on 1.50
8x50 on 40 descend 1-4 and 5-8
8x25 on 30, swum
#1 DPS
#2 12.5 fast and 12.5 easy
#3 12.5 easy and 12.5 fast
50 easy

Main set
All swum with buoy and paddles
2x50 on 40
2x100 on 1.15
2x150 on 1.45
2x200 on 2.20
2x150 on 1.45
2x100 on 1.15
3x50 on 40
50 easy

Warm down
6x50 on 45 with snorkel working on DPS
6x100 kick with flippers holding 1 min on 1.30
100 easy

Total 4550

I felt like i went too quick in the warmup holding 1.02-1.03 on the 4x100s, and felt really easy holding 30-31 on the 8x50s. The broken mile in the main set felt good, other than some tweaking of the shoulder every once in a while(usually in and out of the turns). I held 1.02-1.03 pace the whole way and still felt like i could have gone quicker. Considering the stiffness in my body and the general feeling of being jet lagged I am very happy with where I am at right now. I am back in town this week and then I am taking just over a week off work for a swim camp before a three week taper for nationals.

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  1. ourswimmer's Avatar
    I do not enjoy massages. But for the kind of tight neck and shoulders that come from a lot of driving or sitting in a bus or plane, a massage from a real sports bodyworker is just the ticket. I see my person about once a month and her work really complements the shoulder-stability exercises I do to keep my shoulders feeling good. If you haven't gone yet, go. (But be prepared to hurt more after the massage, before you then start hurting less.)
  2. StewartACarroll's Avatar
    The local massage envy was fully booked yesterday and today so no massage. My wife did her best to get the knots out of my upper back, but i am still pretty sore and tight. I will try to get an appointment this week.