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5 months out

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So yesterday was the 20 week mark! And I must say things seem to be going along ~swimmingly~ at this point, haha!

I seemed to have finally kicked the major soreness I wrote about last month. At my last writing I was about to go out of town for 4 days and I decided that I would do NOTHING shoulder-related during that time, not even my PT exercises or stretches. Well, that seemed to do the trick! I guess I just had to listen to my body and take a bit of rest. Iím not sure what my PT will say about this, but I donít think Iíll care anyway since it feels like I did the right thing. Right after that long weekend I went back to the pool and felt GREATÖ.and things have just been picking up since then!

As of yesterday I was able to do a whole 500 yards freestyle non-stop after diving in for warm up, woo hoo! And on top of that, I was able to complete the entire 1500 yard main (freestyle) set with my zoomers and snorkel. So thatís a whole 2000 yards of swimming right there at 5 months post-surgery. Very stoked about that! (And I know Iíve said this before, but I again must give mad props to my snorkel. Seriously people, best. tool. ever!!! Not having to turn my head to breathe has been SO valuable at this point in my recovery. The snorkel has actually been an instrumental tool throughout my entire process thus far. Best $30 ever spentÖ.I <3 my snorkel lol!)

Itís crazy how exhausting these practices have been. I am just moderately swimming along doing about 1:25/100yd pace WITH the zoomers and I feel like I am going to DIE afterwards lol. But I hope this progression can continue at this rate and I can get back to my old self soon. Right now I just want to focus on getting the yardage/endurance back. Still icing after every practice but no need for nsaids at the moment. I still havenít really attempted much backstroke yetÖ.Iím a bit wary of it actually since the first few strokes I did take were nowhere near comfortable. Backstroke was the most irritating to my shoulder before the surgery, so Iím in no rush. At least I got my underwaters all ready to go lol!

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  1. __steve__'s Avatar
    I profit from snorkel use as well Excellent tool when used properly. I recently started using fins too, and these things are the best invention since the wheel. My shoulders haven't been as happy as they are now.

    Happy recovery and shoulder health
  2. swimslick's Avatar
    thank you steve! the last few months when i was only allowed to kick i would have definitely said that fins were my saving grace. but now that i am spinning the arms again, snorkel > fins
  3. fdtotten's Avatar
    2000 yards - that is terrific, what an encouraging progress report - thanks for sharing. Your determination and persistence are really something! Just wanted to say that whatever the previous swimmer that you were, you certainly appear to be progressing on your way again and perhaps more.

    Think of yourself eventually progressing beyond your previous swimmer self, not necessarily in terms of training volume or times, but more so evolving forward in those subtle efficient swimming skills, as well as balanced shoulder strength, body core, & flexibility development, in part due to your recovery, adaptation, and then ongoing prevention management in regards to the shoulder surgery.

    The snorkel was a great ROI for me too, so I am very glad that you found even more benefit as it helped you to get to this point. Keep up your daily effort just as you said, no rush, for steady gradual progress is the best and safest.
  4. swimslick's Avatar
    thank you fdtotten! that is another thing that i love so much about the snorkel. since you don't have to worry about breathing, you can really pay attention to all those subtle swimming skills. i don't think i've ever been so aware of my body in the water since using the snorkel i do feel that i will benefit in the long run from all of this. thanks again for the well wishes!