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Recovery week...

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by , March 26th, 2013 at 11:20 PM (397 Views)
The meet results are in from this weekend, so I can take a look at my splits and do a little analysis. My youngest son Aaron, AKA the Lap Counter, also took video of my 400 IM and 100 Back events, so I had some things to look at... maybe too many things to look at! At some point I'll select some of the better quality segments and post short vids on the forums for the butterfly and backstroke lanes to get some feedback. The freestyle looks like it needs a lot of work too, but it's hard to say if what I was seeing (especially on that first freestyle length of the 4IM) was the result of fatigue, trying to catch my breath, or not... the second length, what I can see of it in the video, looked a little smoother. The breast stroke is just really slow and I can tell that I'm still dealing with flexibility issues in my feet, ankles and hips, which is really limiting my kick. My favorite part of the 400 IM footage that Aaron shot is hearing him in the background after the turn at about the 150 mark saying "Aw, come on... it's not over yet!"

So, here were my splits in the 400 IM:
Cumulative (Subtractive)
43.16 (43.16)
1:41.29 (58.13)
2:32.80 (51.51)
3:23.04 (50.24)
4:25.58 (1:02.54)
5:22.51 (56.93)
6:07.42 (44.91)
6:49.21 (41.79)

My fly really needs help, but my back and free times were pretty consistent; given what I saw, maybe some technique changes will help me to drop more time in back and free too.

I'll have to write about my 1650 splits at some other point. For now I just wanted to record my last couple of days of recovery swimming. Monday I did 3000 SCY/64 minutes:

250 EZ free
250 br
250 bk
5 x 50 fly on 1:20

1000 on 19:00 (17:10)
300 back
300 breast

400 EZ fr

Today I did 3100 SCY in about 58 minutes:

400 EZ swim
200 Spear drill w/ fins
200 pull
4 x 50 free

3 x thru:
-500 at threshold (8:05-8:10)
-100 recovery swim (1:50-1:55)

6 x 50 free/pull

Gotta go, but I'll have time to write more tomorrow.

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