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After a long rest

Week 25 - Wednesday am

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I felt awful today. I woke with a fever but decided to head to the pool anyhow. I was ok in the warm up, but struggled to get going and by the end of the main set was in world on hurt. My right shoulder is still not right and as I tire it feels very weak, with a little soreness in the joint. It's not to the point I can't swim, but something is wrong with the muscle in the right shoulder.

Warm up
1x400 with snorkel
6x50 catchup on 45

Main set
5x100 on 1.30
4x200 on 2.30
3x300 on 3.30
2x400 on 4.30
1x500 on 5.30

Warm down
4x100 free/back by 25 on 1.30
100 easy

Total 4700

After the 200s i put paddles on and still felt really bad. I made the send offs but was hurting and felt terrible.

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