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1650 official splits

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by , March 27th, 2013 at 10:34 AM (830 Views)
I'm going to paste here my official splits from Sunday's meet; I swam in heat 2, lane 2:

McNair, Alex M42 WMAC [seed=25:20.00] 25:04.98


Looks like I was holding steady at a mid-:45 to mid-:46 per 50 pace and even had enough left in the tank to bring my final 150 in sub :45/50 pace. This is a vast improvement over last fall where I would have fought hard to hold :48/50 in anything over 400-500 yards... I had plenty of endurance at :52.5/50, but anything faster than that was a real strain.

TECHNIQUE WORK: Looking at some video I had my oldest son take of me last summer when I did my 5k postal, I noticed I had much less hip-rotation than I probably should have had (the swimming looked a little flat), so I've been working on that a little more over the last few months. But one thing I noticed in watching the freestyle portion of the 4IM that my youngest videoed on Sunday... now I've got decent rotation but my hips and shoulders seem to be slightly out of synch... like there's a wiggle in the stroke, part of this is probably trying to kick too hard... I was breathing an awful lot in that first length of free too, so I'm sure that my timing was off as I was catching my breath... the final 50 of the 4IM was :41.79 (instead of :44.91, my first 50 free) and looked a lot smoother. Nonetheless, I want to be swimming that smoothly or more smoothly all the time, so I've got to work on it.

Yesterday, during my warm-up, I did the spear drill with fins to try to work on body position (I think some core strengthening is going to help here too), followed by 200 w/ pull-buoy to work on the hip rock, and then finally 4 x 50 w/o any equipment trying to get my kick timing and hip-shoulder rotation synched. SO MANY PIECES to this puzzle.... ARGH! I guess I'm going to have to incorporate a lot more drill work to get all these pieces to come together.

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  1. pmccoy's Avatar
    Splits look good. You went out a little fast on the first 100. There's a little bit of fade on the third 500 but you had plenty left for the last 150. You definitely have the ability to go under 25.