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Easy morning swim

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This morning I swam an easy 5k workout at the Y with a friend. We had a lane to ourselves for all but the first 100 or so of warmup. In contrast to Monday, today the long set seemed easy and gentle on my body. Hereís how it went:

1000 scy warmup (400s, 200k, 200p, 200 IM d/s)

IM-is-initially-outnumbered-but-perseveres-and-outlasts-the-FR set
1000 (4 x (200 fr + 50 stroke), stroke IM order)
800 (4 x (150 fr + 50 stroke), stroke IM order)
600 (4 x (100 fr + 50 stroke), stroke IM order)
400 (4 x (50 fr + 50 stroke), stroke IM order)
200 IM (4 x (0 fr + 50 stroke), stroke IM order)
[We took about :30 to 1:00 rest between swims.]

1000 pull with paddles

50 dolphin-dive warmdown

The IM set was very calm and relaxingóIím often annoyed by all the turns when swimming scy, but today they seemed to put me in a pleasant trance. I had to remind myself to count every now and again.

Afterwards I went upstairs for weights and stretching. Iím still a little sore in my triceps and upper arms from the diving, but itís much much better. The bruises are fading too.

My legs and abs seem completely recovered, just in time for tonightís diving practice. A few months ago some videographers came to one of our practices in order to get some footage of adults diving to include in a music video. This week we finally saw the result: I didnít make it to the final cut, but there are a few cool shots of some of my teammates going off the boards and breaking through the water. I may not be on Splash, but I definitely dive with stars!

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