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After a long rest

Week 25 - Thursday

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The pool is closed from tomorrow for Easter so I decided to do a full workout tonight as opposed to dry land and loosen up swim. I had a stomach bug yesterday and missed last nights swim so was not expecting too much, but I actually felt pretty good tonight. My shoulder is feeling a lot better.

Warm up
400 swim with snorkel
6x 50 catchup drill on 45
4x100 with snorkel on 1.20
100 easy

Main set
This set was done with buoy and paddles
5x100 on 1.20
4x 100 on 1.15
3x100 on 1.10
2x100 on 1.05
1x100 on 1 min

100 easy

12x50 swum as 3x(50 easy, 25fast25 easy, 25 easy 25 fast, 50 easy)

6x100 kick with fins on 1.30 holding 1 min

Warm down
200 easy

Total 4200

I decided to concentrate on DPS in the warm up and not trying to go to hard to quickly, which seemed to really help. My right shoulder still feels weak, with some stiffness but luckily I had no pain tonight. Hopefully a long weekend will help these old joints too. Two more weeks of hard work and then i start my first taper in 20+ years. Next week I am off work and plan on doing some hard focused sessions in the form of a mini camp(I may get to do 3 a days if the body will hold up).

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