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Update pre-bunny day

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by , March 28th, 2013 at 11:52 PM (687 Views)
It's one week away!

South Central Zones. A name of interest in the roster. Guess who it is. Besides yours truly, heh heh....

The default search is ok, but I don't know how useful it really is to see who's on your team that is going. I'd rather be able to see who's in my age group.

I can't say I have any thrilling breakthru sets or any amazing 50 free times. I did one from the blocks that may have been 28ish but since i'm not sure i'll safely say a solid 29 from the blocks diving over my lanemates' heads which was quite pointless as it was so incredibly distracting. And dangerous.

This week i've been extremely tired. So tired that I have decided to hit the brakes and literally just do bobs and light 50's and 25's up to about 1/2 hour. There is no point in grinding through sets this last week.

I'm really excited for the 500. I am still leaning on no counter, but perhaps telling some people to watch me and yell at the end if I am a 50 short. I think I should bring more substantial snacks, just in case I am actually really hungry. I wonder if it would look strange if I took out a chicken leg and started eating it on the pool deck. That would be more discrete than say, one of those Fair-sized turkey legs. Maybe roll up some ham and cheese cubes, or a sandwich of some sort. I just have this strange feeling that a power bar isn't going to cut it.

I will be so excited to travel for a meet I haven't gone away for a meet since last year's Colonies Zone meet, which was great fun. I would like to do that meet in the future, but it was too close to this meet and Austin is hard to pass up.

Hope everyone is doing well, and good luck if you are swimming your zone meet the next week as well!!!

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  1. chowsh's Avatar
    the ref or starter is usually counting the swimmers' laps on D events. so you could yell over to them "am i done??". or maybe you'll be leading and get the bell lap! good luck!