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After a long rest

Week 26 - Monday PM

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I arrived at the pool at 12.30 expecting to stretch and then swim but my coach had a surprise; I lifted for about 45mins and then did the static Vasa swim bench non stop with pulse metronome for 10 mins. Then I swam for two hours. I was very sore after the weights but loosened up pretty quickly once I got in the pool.

4 laps on the weight machines with increasing weight per lap, each machine I did 10 reps, bench, seated row hands outside, seated rown hands inside, leg curl, leg press, lower back extension, leg extension, military press, lat pull down hands outside, lat pull downs hands inside
10 mins on Vasa machine fast pace

Warm up
400 with snorkel
6x50 catchup drill on 45

Main set
3x(700 swim holding 1.05 pace, with 20 seconds rest, 200 with parachute concentrating on catch and pull with high elbow, with 20 seconds rest)
100 easy

3x(6x25 AFAP on 45, 200 with snorkel on 3 mins)

4x(200 kick on 4mins, 100 free on 1.10)

Warm down
250 easy

Total 6000
i was very tired at the end of this practice, but luckily my shoulder is feeling pretty good.

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